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Congrats to our 14U team

3rd at States (3rd highest finish by any HBGS All-Star Team in League History at States)

7th at Nationals (tied for 3rd highest finish by any HBGS All-Star team in League History in Nationals)

Congrats 14U All Stars!! 3rd Place in STATES!!!

Board Membership Elections

The HBGS BOD shall consist of at least nine (9) and no more than Eighteen (18) individuals who are Regular, Voting Members. Any Regular Member in good standing is eligible to seek election to the BOD. The BOD is elected to one (1) year terms from August 1 to July 31 during the Annual Membership Meeting. Board members are elected by a simple majority of the Regular Member class.   Current members of HBGS will have 1 ballot per member(player).  Voting will be held Thursday June 30, 2016 at HBGS Fields (lunch benches) between 6-7pm.   Parents can vote for up to 18 candidates.  Board positions will be voted on at the July 2016 Membership Meeting.

2016-2017 Candidates:

Rhonda De Los Monteros

Scott Drake

Tracy Marx

Dave Gonzalez

John Coonis

Carrie Suyeto

Becky Capelouto

Libbie Rector-Knobbe

Shelly Bastek

Ruben Preciado

Karen Walton

Mike Collado

Trevor Foster

Emily Piramo

Dennis Piramo

Joe Katter

Sheri Morales

Tabetha Vibbard





Huntington Beach Girls Softball is now accepting registration for the Spring 2016 season.  There are no tryouts for HBGS - all girls who sign up are placed on a team and play - For over 25 years our goals at HBGS have been to build girls confidence and teach them how to be team players by offering them a fun, encouraging, motivating and positive environment to thrive in while maintaining a competitive atmosphere.  We are dedicated to teaching girls from ages 5-14 the basic rules, skills and sportsmanship of softball appropriate to their specific ages and skill set that they can take with them to high school and beyond.   HBGS is 100% volunteer based and we are always looking for volunteers to serve the hundreds of girls each season that participate in our league, so please sign up to help.  All games for 6U, 8U, and 10U are played at Circle View Elementary School in Huntington Beach.  12U and 14U will play some of their games at Circle View Elementary and at other fields in Orange County.




According to a survey reported in the Wall Street Journall, what kids dislike the most about sports is the car ride home. Too often, the first thing a parent may say after a game is a critical remark, an accusatory question or offer “you should haves!” to their kids. This can cause any player to lose interest in playing and start to dread anything to do with participating in sports.

Parents often don't realize the impact of their words and forget that kids seek approval and want to impress them during games. When players feel put down, they can lose their love for softball. Consider the following when talking to your kids about their performance on the field:

Parents Do's: 

  • Be their biggest fan. Make sure to maintain a positive attitude and environment for your child by cheering and showing them support. After all, a child is trying their best to impress their parents, so show them they’re appreciated! 
  • Focus on the positive. Great catch! Nice throw! Amazing try! Wow so close! These are all great ways to express to kids that they’re doing a good job and it will motivate them to try even harder.
  • Let them make mistakes. Making mistakes is the best way to get better. Don’t try to correct the mistakes by yelling directions from the side. Instead, let them try their moves and work on them next time you’re on a field together.
  • Encourage goal setting and measure progress. Aside from staying active and having a great time, kids strive to become good players. Encourage players to talk about ways they can improve and offer methods or ask a coach to help them improve those things.  

Parent Don'ts: 

  • Don’t talk about negative things on the ride home. There are much better ways and places to communicate what your kids could have done better than questioning their actions during the car ride home. They are still learning the game and are likely aware that they didn’t have a great game. Try taking them to a park over the weekend and work on things to help improve their game in a fun, loving environment instead. 
  • Don’t offer excuses. Putting blame on an ump, the field, weather or a coach for a bad performance may offer short-lived comfort, but this attitude can backfire. Kids will fail to take accountability and will instead learn to blame other factors when things don’t go their way. 
  • Don’t yell instructions during games. This causes confusion and annoys other parents, coaches and players (including your own!). A player develops best when they are allowed to make their own decisions on the field, figuring out what works best and working on those things at practice. 
  • Don’t criticize umps in front of the kids. Kids will learn from their parents so be aware that yelling at an ump is one of the things they will pick up. And HS/College players can tell you that yelling at the ump DOES NOT make them change their mind!